These are just some of our practice management integrations

Lead Management Solution that tracks, manages and converts inquiries into paying patients.

MyMedLeads - Lead management and marketing automation

A profitability tool that your medical practice cannot live without:

  • Get more patients each month
  • Reduce advertising expenses
  • Increase staff productivity

Advanced Call Tracking System

  • Track offline and online leads
  • Record inbound and outbound calls
  • Create follow up lists for your staff

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Automate Email Marketing

  • Time released emails for continuous marketing
  • Emails are laser targeted to each prospect based on their needs
  • Email can go out in English or Spanish

Return on Investment

Run ROI Reports From Any Device
Eliminate advertising that doesn't make you money

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Track All Marketing
And Measure ROI

Automatically track internet and offline ads as well as phone calls. Learn more...
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Get More Patient Reviews

Increase patient feedback and enhance your online reputation. Learn more...

What we do

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Watch our demo today to learn more about ways to better manage your marketing efforts.

  • Capture 100% of your leads in one convenient web portal
  • Works side by side with your current practice management software
  • Track ROI for all lead sources including PPC and offline programs
  • Measure staff performance and automate follow-up
  • Send SMS and Email appointment reminders to patients
  • Automate your marketing with service specific email campaigns
  • See more patients each month while reducing marketing expenses
  • Get instant patient feedback and Increase your Download apk file from android market to pc
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Streamline Practice Workflow and Drive New Patient Acquisition

Request a Demo

Request A Demo


What features are you interested in?

Tracking Marketing

Call Tracking

Text Message Reminders

Automated Email Marketing

We need more patients

Patient Reviews

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