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Well, you’re not alone.

Android google drive folder

Bypass Gmail's Virus Scanner and Download Blocked Gmail Attachments

Pokemon gold on android

If you find this tip helpful, would appreciate if you can share it to your friends :)

Download wifi ad hoc enabler for android

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Play Apple Music Through Your Speakers, Mac or Apple TV Using iPhone, iPad as Remote

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Works flawless on my iPhone 5 (iOS8.4) and Mac (Yosemite).


Android i├žin youtube er indir

Alle apps kostenlos android

Previously on this blog we have talked about Download building games for android, a nifty Google Chrome extension that lets you right-click any in-page links & files and save them straight to the clouds.

We've also talked about Download apk files from android market, a much advanced cloud files manager that consolidates all your virtual drives so you can manage all your cloud files in one centralised dashboard.

And now I am thrilled to introduce you yet another rare gem on the web that you'll gladly welcome in your productivity arsenal: Ballloon.

New Web App Ballloon Tranfers Files to the Clouds in Seconds

Ballloon is a brand new web service that lets you save files directly to your cloud storage accounts like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, etc. It eliminates the need for you to manually download files from the web, whether it's a 1MB audio file or 800MB zip file. Use Ballloon' web app instead to automatically save them to your DropBox or any cloud storage accounts of your choice. You just have to provide a direct link and you're done.

All it takes is your Google account to get started and you can start connecting all your cloud storage account and start Ballloon transfer in seconds. You can also assign a default remote directory every time you initiate a transfer for each cloud storage account.

There's also an official Google Download free offline gps maps android you can use, but that's optional. So for those who don't want to bloat their browser with add-ons, the web-based version is already pretty much functional and it works like a charm.

The Good

Ballloon is FREE, and the guys behind it promised that there will always be a free plan should this app matures into a full-blown premium web app.

User interface is also a delight to use, notably modern and straight-forward to navigate; from signing up all the way to connecting your cloud storage accounts, the whole process is seamless.

Download pes 2012 untuk android tablet

What really makes Ballloon stand out is the fact that it moves your files amazingly fast (and I mean it). A 4MB audio file for instance takes only five seconds to arrive in my Google Drive. A 150 MB backup file from my other blog only takes 50 seconds to arrive on my Google Drive.

Think of server-to-server communication; no more delays regardless of your internet speed. And transfers take place in the background; you can close your browser's tab once you've initiated the transfer and your files should arrive in its destination shortly.

The Bad

Apparently only the following cloud storage accounts are supported:
  • DropBox
  • Google Drive
  • Copy
  • SugarSync
  • One Drive
I hope they can add support for other cloud storage providers like Amazon, Rackspace and even FTP. If they can bring this integration while maintaining the same level of speed I used to enjoy today, I'm happy to fork out a few bucks and be one of their premium users.

Check out the FAQ page for more information.

LINK: Ballloon

Htc touch diamond android

Remotely Get a Copy of Every Single iOS Photo Taken on iPhone Without Getting Caught

TRIGGER: Any new photo (under iOS Photos channel)
ACTION: Send an email (under Gmail channel)

See video walkthrough below.

Be sure to save your new recipe and you're good to go!


b) Data delivery is a bit delayed.

Paradise island game android

As someone on Quora once said, “Quora is a giant campfire where random people come along, sit down, and tell their stories”.

Quora, without a doubt, is one great platform where Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, James Wales of Wikipedia and countless others including world-renowned NASA scientists, astronauts and engineers converge and embark into a stimulating and immersive discussion of just about anything.

So it's normally safe to assume that Quora hosts a plethora of smart & insightful discussions, answers and thoughts from qualified & experienced people with different professional background which are sure a delight to read.

And if you're like me who doesn't have the luxury of time to immerse and browse through Quora during the day, you probably have wished to just feed those interesting reads to your favourite news reader app like Pocket so you can read them later offline.

The thing is: Quora hasn't have this feature yet nor Pocket has integration support for our beloved Quora.

But fret not, there is a way out..

Add “Save To Pocket” Button In Quora for Offline Reading

Meet Quora Save To Pocket, a Google Chrome extension that allows you to push contents from Quora to Pocket. With this extension, you can save any answer, question or blog post to your Pocket account straight from your Quora feed. Sweet...

How it works

The add-on works this simply:

You install the Chrome extension. Once added, you connect the app to Pocket via the standard OAUTH authentication protocol, and you're done. Save to Pocket link should now automatically appear on every thread and answer on Quora, as seen below:

Windows media player for android

Pocket actually has its own vendor-specific browser extension that makes it easier to add links to your Pocket account. The problem with their official browser extensions, when used in Quora pages, is you can't selectively add those specific answers you find interesting. And considering how Quora renders its pages, Pocket's official add-ons meet an incompatibility with Quora as yet.

LINK: Quora Save To Pocket (Chrome)

Truth be told: Google Docs is one of the coolest word-editing software there is to get the job done like no other. Its collaborative editing and cloud-centric nature make it really a smart choice to make our digital lives a lot easier.

But despite its shiny reputation, Google Docs also has its surprising limitation: you won't be able to access and use thousands of sleek, custom fonts from Google Fonts collection. Yes, you read it right — Google hasn't pushed that feature yet to their Google Docs app which is being heavily relied by millions of users across the globe.

Filling this void is Extensis, a company specialising in font management software, who has launched Extensis Fonts.

Use custom Google Fonts in your Google Documents with Extensis Fonts (link)

Download from dropbox to android phone

Extensis Fonts is a free Google Docs add-on that lets you access and use Google Fonts in your Google Docs files. So if you feel too limited and dissatisfied with Google Docs' built-in fonts, you've got to check out Extensis Fonts.

Getting Started

Now, let's get the ball rolling. Follow this guide on how to use custom Google Fonts in your Google Documents:

Step 1 Open any Google Document, or create a new one.

Step 2 From the Add-ons menu, click Get Add-ons

Step 3 In the Search Add-ons box, enter “Extensis Fonts” (without quotes)

Step 4 Select the Extensis Fonts add-on from the list.

Step 5 Click the Free button in the upper right hand corner.

Step 6 Click Accept to install the add-on to your Google Docs account.

Step 7 To launch the Extensis Fonts add-on, navigate to the menu and hit Add-ons > Extensis Fonts > Start.

You're done.

Once Extensis Fonts add-on is added to your Google Document, a new Extensis Font panel will be accessible on the right. This is where you access the thousands of Google Fonts collection and apply it to your Google Docs or current text selection.

PRO TIP: You can get Extensis Fonts to display only the trending and the most popular Google fonts by sorting it out accordingly.

Games of android

Final Verdict:

Extensis Fonts is one cool Google Docs add-on you cannot miss. You may not need it every day, but in case you want to give your Google Docs a facelift, then you should check out Extensis Fonts. It's FREE.

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: Extensis Fonts 

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Root para android 2.2

The Fastest Way to Automatically Convert Spotify Playlists to Apple Music Playlists

Step 2 Launch Applefy and login with your Spotify details.

Step 5 Open iTunes, go to the Playlists tab and make a new playlist.

You're done!

Radio app android

Aplikasi android yang bisa video di youtube

It appears that the clock timer app in the latest version of iOS is finally working. So if you're wondering how you can add that sleep timer functionality on your Spotify or Apple Music on your iPhone or iPad, then, watch the video below and see how it's done:

This trick also works on other music player or podcast apps like Pandora, Rdio, etc. It basically kills whatever media playback active on your iPhone or iPad once the timer's up.

How to chrome browser for android

Ever wondered why you're not connected to the internet even if you're connected to a shared WiFi network? Chances are you're deliberately getting blocked from accessing the internet not by the cafe owner but by a fellow regular who find joy in seeing you annoyed, disgruntled.

Due to the 'open' nature of Google-backed Android, developers have come up with ways to exploit the platform creating applications so clever that most of them don't even make its way to the Play Store.

One great example is the app you might have already heard called WiFiKill.

Android zip file from gmail

WiFikill, as you can see in the disclaimer above, is one bad-ass, root-only Android app designed to do just that: block or restrict other users & devices to access the internet through shared wireless network. So if you're hanging out in a coffee shop hotspot and you notice the internet seems to be lagging a little more than you expect, then, you can take matters into your own hands. Disconnect, disable their internet connection.

Here's how to disable internet access for any device on a shared WiFi network

The process is no brainer, and even grade schoolers can do this. All you need is a compatible rooted Android phone and you're good to go.

Step 1 Download WiFiKill using WifiKill Downloader HERE. Two variants to choose from:
  • FREE version — ads-supported and it shuts down after 5 minutes (more limitations are expected in the next updates)
  • PRO version — requires you to make a donation through PayPal via WiFiKill Downloader
Or you can download the older version of WiFiKill v2.1.apk.

Step 2 Once installed, launch the app and grant whatever Superuser request it prompts.

Step 3 Tap the Play button beside the Refresh icon. It should start scanning for the entire WiFi network. Once done, it should show all devices connected to the wireless network as seen below:

(PRO TIP: enable Show Network Names in the Preferences to show the device' names)

Step 4 Here's the fun part. Choose the device you want to disconnect from the network and toggle the Grab slider. It should display the network usage as well as the website being accessed. Once you made that selection, just toggle the Kill slider.

And you're done. The target device should now be blocked and denied to access the internet even if they're connected to the WiFi network. And if you're really that evil, you can even disconnect all devices connected to the network.

Siege hero android full

See, WiFiKill is one dangerous tool if it lands in the wrong hands.

The Good...

Despite its controversial nature, there are great use cases for this app too. You might want to use it against your kids to restrict access to the internet especially during bed time. Or you're in a coffee shop and you see someone's abusing the extra bandwidth juices for Justin Bieber clips on YouTube, then you can quickly kill their internet connection without them knowing. Yes, the targeted device still says connected to the WiFi network.

So, how you protect yourself?

As much as you can, avoid connecting to the publicly available WiFi network. Bring your own broadband or tether your iPhone or Android so you can browse the web in peace.

For more information about the app, go to WiFiKill official page.

Google reader android offline

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Remember the Software Data Cable for Android I mentioned before? That was really a clever tiny piece of  app that every Android user should install. Why? Well, you better see my previous post about it here: How To: Transfer Files From PC To Android Phone Via Wi-Fi (And Vice Versa).

If you ever wished you could do almost the same thing on your iPhone or iPad and make your life a LOT easier, well, then, you've got to check out PushBullet.

PushBullet is your Swiss Army Knife for anything wireless

As a long-time Android user who just switched to iOS, I hate it when moving files & information from my computer to iPhone is such a difficult feat. The same frustration you get when you copy contents from your iPhone to your Mac or Windows PC. And that's the problem that PushBullet is trying to solve.

What is PushBullet

In a nutshell, PushBullet makes it really easy to send files, ebooks, links, and virtually any  media files from one device to another. Whether you're pushing files from your Windows computer to your iPhone, iPad or Android, the process is absolutely painless. All you have to do is to right-click the file or link and select the destination device and voila, you can instantly go right to that file/link by tapping on the notification you get on your Android or iDevice. And no, you don't have to be in the same wireless network to make PushBullet works.

Alchemy premium android free

And if you have an Android device, you can even automatically “push” all your calls and SMS alerts to your computer so you  won't miss important calls and text messages even if your phone is on silent mode or in another room. Unfortunately for iOS, PushBullet doesn't have this feature yet. But given the more open iOS8.0+ architecture, I believe this feature is currently in the works (check out the paid app Notifyr for iOS, it works almost the same).

Why is it useful?

PushBullet's homepage already has a detailed information on how it works and how it becomes so handy, but allow me to point it out here.

With PushBullet, you can easily:
  • Send files from your mobile device to your computer with one click (or the other way around)
  • Receive calls, SMS and other phone notifications straight on your computer

And if you're on Android, there are whole lot more you can do with PushBullet like being able to reply text messages straight from your computer.

Final Verdict:

PushBullet is a simple yet powerful push notification service designed to make all your internet-connected devices “work” together. It's a godsend  web service that you will surely appreciate especially if you're dealing with multiple devices. PushBullet is currently available for iOS, Android and as a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox and Opera. There's also an unofficial paid app PushPal for Mac users.

Download not supported android

LINK: PushBullet