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I’m bskizzle1296! Would it be alright to add you? I’ll be on Saturday as well with everyone.

yas please :D(-( da more da merrier!

Keep the left side of the pad pressed and you get a bunch more options. I think it will be around 11PST but we haven’t decided yet. I can send you a message when it happens!

ooOOO thank you very much for the tip *V*

and okey! that sounds gud :33 u can add me on psn if u want, my id  is derpkidd.

other ppl readin this can add me too if they want :0(-(

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its maintenance every night. Also we are all playing together this Saturday if you want to join.

OOOO i’d love to join`ィ(´∀`∩ what time will it be?

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gets into MGO thru ps4

told that its undergoing server maintenance. this is fine

:^)(-( konami………………….

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Guess who’s not sleeping tonight after all :DDDDD(-(

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:3c   >:3c

………i just wanted to draw some slice of life stuff

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