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Helpful Tips For Those Re-homing a Rescue Dog

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Tuesday’s Tails: Opt To Adopt!

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Adopt a dog!

Tuesday’s Tails: A Penny For Your Thoughts!

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Penny is a gorgeous German Shepherd that needs a forever home.

Tips For Adopting A New Furry Friend

If you are thinking about adopting a dog, these are some things you should consider.

Poppy is a great little girl looking for a forever home.

Puddin was adopted and now MacBeth wants a forever home too!

Tuesday’s Tails: Puddin Just Thought She Was Going Home

Puddin is back at the shelter. She really needs a new forever home!

Dogs and Humans: A Lasting Bond

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Important Reasons to Include Olive in Your Dog’s Food

Come find out why it is important to include olive oil in your dog’s diet!